Frosty’s Colossal Cone Challenge Rules:

Next Challenge: July 18th, 2013!

One Pound Cone
• Only 1 person per cone
• Must be a Hard Ice Cream flavor, Not Custard. (only flavors available that day)
• Must Choose your own flavor
• Must be in regular cone (No dishes or specialty cones)
• Timing must be performed and monitored by a Frosty’s employee (challenge days only)
• All ice cream and entire cone must be consumed (no spilling, spitting, or wasting)
• First lick starts the time
• No napkins until completed
• Rainbow Sherbet, and Lemon Sorbet not be chosen
• Unlimited attempts (one attempt per challenge day)
• Must Pre-Register for day

Be The Fastest:

Quickest Cone consumed during each Challenge day will be rewarded with:

• Frosty’s T-Shirt
• Name posted on
• Photo Posted on
• Call yourself the fastest in the Northeast

Be in the Top 10 fastest times and your name will be placed on Try more than once to better your time and to reach the Top 10. Challenge friends and family, and all comers to be amongst the fastest.

Check out current time leaders.

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